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Springtail Charcoal Care Guide

Charcoal is the most common and simple method used for culturing springtails. In our opinion any species that does well on charcoal will do just as well on Springtail Clay, but nevertheless some people prefer charcoal and it never hurts to try it for yourself.

Materials Required:
--Charcoal (lump charcoal or horticultural charcoal is safe for springtails)
--Sealed bin or tall deli cup.

--Water (distilled or purified water is best)

Setup Instructions:
--Add two inches of charcoal and one inch of water into your bin.
--Optionally add a small vent hole with ultrafine mesh glued over it or open the culture regularly for fresh air
... that's it!

Care and Harvesting:
--Maintain the water level and feed the springtails every 3-7 days (make sure all food is eaten between feedings and not to feed so much that it rots or molds).

--To harvest you can either pick up pieces of charcoal with tongs and tap the springtails off where they are needed or add extra water and pour it where you need springtails. Springtails float and will ride the water that you pour out.

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