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What is Springtails US?

Springtails US is the leading force behind the springtail hobby in the United States. 

We carry the largest selection of springtail species and supplies anywhere.

We now carry an ever-expanding selection of isopods, isopod supplies, and terrarium supplies.

We believe our standard of care, quality, and shipping practices can help improve more hobbies than just springtails!


The driving force behind Springtails US is a real love for what we do. When Springtails US started there was essentially no "springtail hobby" but quickly we watched it bloom and are incredibly proud to have been a part of it by introducing new species and culturing methods. Springtails are incredibly diverse hexapods with over 9,000 species described worldwide. The hobby of springtail keeping has only just begun. Join us in raising the bar and watching this new blooming hobby truly flourish!

Our mission is two part; set the gold standard not just for springtails but for "cleanup crews" as a whole. We also envision the collection and culturing of springtails from many localities to have huge potential for the study of springtails (Collembology). Species never before known to science will inevitably enter hobbyist culture someday which would provide an easy opportunity

for researches to properly describe and classify them. Having a wide array of species in culture will also present other opportunities such as studying their behavior in depth. We are so very excited for the future of the springtail hobby!

We carry everything you need to successfully raise springtails

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