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For dry environments like some reptile/amphibian enclosures you will need truly arid springtails. True arid springtails enjoy dry land and low humidity but you will need to accommodate them with a small moist area for them to lay their eggs in and regulate their moisture level. This can be done by simply providing a small cup of wet sphagnum moss.

For more humid arboreal environments, such as for tree frogs and geckos, arid springtails can still be useful as they'll go into the higher and drier portions. We'd recommend semi-arid and moisture loving springtails to do the bulk of the cleanup in such setups.

We define semi-arid springtails as springtails which will roam onto dry land but not to the degree of true arid springtails and which can still do well in higher humidity. Semi-arid springtails can still do well in some dry environments, especially if there is a larger area of moisture such as an arboreal setup where the soil is moist and the upper areas are dry.

For moist and humid enclosures which aren't arboreal we'd recommend any one of our moisture loving species, but Folsomia candida is a time-tested choice that you can't go wrong with.

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