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Entomology Aspirator

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The most necessary tool for anybody looking to be a successful springtail breeder. Aspirators can be used to easily suck up springtails and small invertebrates into the collection cup. This makes harvesting off of soil and wild collecting a breeze!


To use an entomology aspirator (or “pooter”) simply suck on the filtered tube while aiming the other tube at your target. Then twist off the cap and dump your specimen where it is needed! 


To ensure that no bugs or particles can get into your mouth there is a two-part filter system. First a layer of chiffon at the base of the suction tube stops springtails and solids, then an inline filter traps small particles. Two replacement chiffon filters are provided. 


This aspirator can be fully disassembled for cleaning under running water. DO NOT clean the inline filter with water. Thoroughly dry, reassemble, and enjoy your new favorite toy! 

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