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Typical isopod enclosures have a moisture gradient; one end is wet and the other is dry. This presents a great opportunity to use multiple species of springtail which will fill different niches in the enclosure or just one species that will fill all niches.

The best options for a single cleanup crew species are:
    Pseudosinella violenta "Bylas Ant Springtail"
    Coecobrya tenebricosa "Tropical Pink"

    Entomobrya confusa "Varicolored"

Our favorite combination of species consists of one or two moisture loving springtail types and the semi-arid "Lepidocyrtus sp." This allows for an environment more closely replicating nature to be formed. 

We recommend any one of our Lepidocyrtus to be used as a species which will roam the dry end and here's our top picks for species that will take care of the wet end:
    Arrhopalites caecus "Globular Cave"
    Folsomia candida "Common W
    Onychiurinae sp. "Little Soil"
    Vertagopus sp. "Sombré"
    Desoria trispinata "Blue Velvet"
    Pseudosinella rolfsi "Runner"

Neanura growae "Florida Orange" m
akes a great ornamental cleanup species but we would recommend supplementing them with Premium Springtail Food as they don't reproduce as fast as the other species listed above.

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